The Beautiful Country International Micro Film Festival is a prestigious annual event that gathers talented filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their work and compete for various awards. The festival’s award ceremony was held on January 21, 2021, at the Qingdao theatre, which is located next to the world’s largest production studio. The festival received 300 film submissions from over 50 countries this year, making the selection process extremely competitive. Mr. Castor was one of the distinguished jurors chosen to participate in the decision-making process.


    The Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival, which is China’s first-ever sci-fi film festival and the sole large-scale sci-fi theme event platform in the nation, is set to occur in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from December 1st to 6th. This festival is a unique opportunity for science fiction fans and filmmakers to come together and celebrate the genre, as well as for industry professionals to network and share their work. As such, the organizers have selected a prestigious panel of judges, including Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel, to oversee the selection of films and determine the winners of various awards. We are excited to see what this year’s festival has in store and encourage all fans of sci-fi to consider attending.


    Mr. Rygiel and Mr. Castor have accepted positions on the prestigious Board of Directors of Cinedarbaar, a cutting-edge organization that serves as a holistic ecosystem for education in the fields of cinema, media, and entertainment. Cinedarbaar has been painstakingly developed and built to provide students with access to a wide range of course offerings that are available in live, video, and streaming formats. In addition to these options, Cinedarbaar will offer mentor consultations, masterclasses, labs, seminars, and other learning opportunities to help students succeed in school. When classes begin in December, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast and exciting world of cinema, media, and entertainment while being taught by some of the most reputable professionals in the field. We are confident that Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel will be valuable additions to the organization as Board of Directors members because we believe Cinedarbaar will be an excellent resource for people interested in careers in the media, entertainment, and film industries.


    The Hainan Island International Film Festival, an annual event that showcases the talent and creativity of filmmakers from around the world, will take place from December 1st to December 8th this year. Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel will be giving keynote speeches at the festival, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience. The introduction of the Golden Coconut Awards film competition, which will recognize and honor the best in cinematic achievement, is one of the festival’s most anticipated aspects. Ten awards will be given out, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Jury, Best Actor and Actress, Best Screenwriter, Best Technical Achievement, Best Documentary, and Best Children’s Film. The awards ceremony will take place on Phoenix Island on the evening of December 7th, offering a spectacular conclusion to the week-long celebration of film. The Hainan Island International Film Festival is a true celebration of the art of film, and we look forward to seeing the exciting and innovative works that will be showcased this year.


    The Fourth Annual Golden Screen Awards have chosen to honor Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel with the esteemed privilege of presenting the award for “Best Picture” at the esteemed ceremony, which is set to take place on November 5th in the luxurious setting of Beverly Hills, California. The Golden Screen Awards, a highly regarded event in the film and television industry, are organized by the U.S. China Film & TV Expo in partnership with the esteemed Motion Picture Association, China Film Co-Production, and The Hollywood Reporter. This esteemed collaboration brings together some of the most influential and esteemed organizations in the film and television industry, making the Golden Screen Awards a highly coveted and prestigious honor.


    It is a prime opportunity for filmmakers to network and engage with their peers and the broader film community, and for audiences to discover the latest and most exciting developments in the world of cinema. The presence of Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel at the festival is sure to be a highlight, as they introduce their highly anticipated film “The Long Boat” to an international audience. For fans to learn about the newest and most interesting innovations in the film industry as well as for filmmakers to network and interact with their peers and the larger film community. As they premiere their eagerly awaited movie “The Long Boat” to a global audience, Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel’s attendance at the festival is certain to be a highlight.


    The Inaugural Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIFF) is set to take place in the province of Sanya, Hainan, China from December 9th to 16th in partnership with the Film Bureau of Hainan. This highly anticipated event will be hosted by the People’s Government of Hainan and will feature keynote speeches from Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel. In addition, the festival will be graced by the presence of Festival Ambassador Jackie Chan and special guest Johnny Depp, who will give a Masters Class and appear at the closing ceremonies. HIFF was inspired by President XI Jinping’s “Opening Up” speech, which was given at the 30th anniversary celebration of the founding of Hainan Province in April. This exciting event is sure to bring together some of the biggest names in the film industry and showcase the best of international cinema.


    Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel have been appointed to the jury for the prestigious 2017 “Golden Monkey King” Award at the 13th China International Animation Festival (CICAF). This highly anticipated event will take place at Hangzhou’s White Horse Lake Animation Plaza from April 28th to May 3rd. CICAF, the country’s only state-level professional animation festival, is expected to draw a large crowd, with organizers anticipating a turnout of more than 1.3 million people. Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel will be featured speakers at the festival’s “C.A.K.E. TALK” (Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange) in addition to their roles on the film jury. This is a unique opportunity for these industry professionals to share their expertise and insights with animation enthusiasts from all over the world.


    To commemorate their tenth anniversary, FILM CARNIVAL organized a media event and celebratory soirée at the Che’fle Canal Hotel in Hangzhou, China on November 18th. The event featured keynote addresses by Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel, both of whom were joined by esteemed Academy Award winners Mr. Van der Rynes and Ms. Cristiani. During the celebration, FILM CARNIVAL unveiled the release of their inaugural feature film, NEZHA, as well as a mobile video game inspired by the film. The film is being produced by Mr. Castor, Mr. Rygiel, under their production company banner IT’S JUST US PRODUCTONS along with FILM CARNIVAL. It boasts an impressive cast, including celebrated actors Zhang Fungi, Michelle Yeoh, and Lei Wu.

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