Rocket Science 3D stands at the forefront of innovation in stereoscopic and visual effects production, boasting a rich history of over two decades of industry leadership. Founded on a commitment to technical and creative excellence, we leverage our proprietary software and algorithms to drive unparalleled 3D experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Our team, comprised of Academy Award-winning professionals, brings unparalleled expertise and creativity to every project. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling has earned them the highest accolades in the industry.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing a diverse array of immersive content creation for the metaverse. From breathtaking visual effects to immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, we craft environments that transport users to new realms of imagination and exploration.

At the helm of our consulting services is the esteemed Phil McNally, a globally renowned stereographer with a track record of success in film, advertising, and gaming. With Phil’s expertise and guidance, we provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring the highest quality stereo experiences that exceed expectations.

At Rocket Science 3D, we’re not just a production company — we’re visionaries on a mission to push the boundaries of technology and creativity. Our passion for innovation drives us to continuously explore new horizons, transforming dreams into reality, one dimension at a time.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to redefine the possibilities of immersive storytelling and visual effects production. Together, we’ll shape the future of entertainment and bring imaginations to life in ways never before imagined.

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